‘An exploratory & inspirational day’

Student led LDoc Workshop, June 2015

LDoc students enjoyed a one day part-facilitated workshop, designed by the cohort of six students themselves to be ‘an exploratory and inspirational day: to develop our ideas and to share our experiences and issues, with the aim to use outcomes directly for the development of our PhDs’.   They were joined by facilitator Marcelo Sánchez-Camus for the afternoon.  Some images from the day at the RCA:

Ldoc-Workshop-008 resized     Ldoc-Workshop-032 resized

Hannah Rollings, Federico Campagna


Ldoc-Workshop-024 resized      Ldoc-Workshop-022 resized

LDoc Cohort, Berthe Fortin


Ldoc-Workshop-026 resized      Ldoc-Workshop-002 resized

Almudena Cano, Julia Schaeper

workshop marcelo photo resizedworkshop_3657 LR