Creative Leadership

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Creative Leadership is central to innovation in the 21st Century and a growing area of research enquiry at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) and for the RCA. The research is led by Rama Gheerawo, HHCD Director, who has brought together creative methods from Inclusive Design and Design Thinking with those from business leadership and a personal passion for individual and organisational transformation.


The primary purpose of this LDoc Post Doctoral Fellowship is to build on existing research in three focus areas: Creativity, Empathy and Clarity.

ECCThis will be fulfilled by combining the findings of rigorous scientific research in the areas of creativity and leadership with design research approaches and methods, to further knowledge and practical applications in areas of personal and organisational education and training.


The contribution to knowledge of this research project will lie in the development of a comprehensive grid of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural components that are called for in creativity and leadership on an individual and collective level. This will inform the design of methods, tools, interventions and education packages that make specific Creative Leadership attributes and processes accessible to people and organisations.



Creative Leadership – project poster