Hermione Townsend

School of Design, RCA

hermione-townsend-mainHermione is a researcher, designer and co-founder of Spaghetti Brain, an EdTech startup based at InnovationRCA.


Her current work is focused on finding an innovative solution to address the problem that children require support to understand their metacognitive behaviours in order to build their resilience in classroom settings. She applies insights from her years of classroom teaching experience and human-centred design methods from her subsequent design training to this challenge, and believes strongly in the value of including pupils and teachers in the design process.


She holds an MA in Education Leadership from the Institute of Education and an MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design from the Royal College of Art/ Imperial College London.


She is currently undertaking a PhD in the School of Design at the Royal College of Art, with a supervisor at the Institute of Education. Her research explores the design of learning tools or experiences which support and empower the learner to reflect on and take ownership of their own learning. She is also interested in exploring the value of participatory design processes in the classroom to develop these tools.