Design Ethnography Workshop

November 2014


Photos and drawing ‘Field Notes’ by Almudena Cano


LDoc Students took an active part in a three day workshop at RCA and environs in Nov 2014, exploring Design Ethnography  with Dr Jo-Anne Bichard,  Senior Research Fellow, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA; Dr Paul  Micklethwaite, Senior Reseach Fellow, Design School, Kingston University; and Prof Lorraine Gammam, Director of the Design Against Crime Research Centre, UAL.


The workshop gave students the opportunity both to experience the ethnographic method and to consider the construction of interviews and observations for design work with users. Cafe visits, museums and buses all featured. ‘As the workshop was so active it allowed me to reflect on my own practice. Through the feedback session we were able to apply methods to our own research and were able to discuss any ethical implications’. ‘The space to evaluate and understand methods in an informal group situation was very useful, it was brilliant to have time to share thoughts (and bond) together’.